There is no shortage of training material for data science: many platforms and individuals offer all sorts of materials, suitable for all budgets, tastes and needs.

The question, is, of course, why would anyone hire a training company? Isn’t it all there for free, or for very cheap monthly subscription?

Sure, with the proper policies in place and a team that is already delivering value through data analytics, a monthly subscription for the employees will do in some cases, since in this case a low-cost training is enough for the team to remain updated.

However, this is rarely the case. What we see very often with our training clients is that their teams need to adopt a new technology very quickly, or need to become proficient with it. There is no time to take things slowly! A good trainer is more like a consultant, and will approach the planning, the delivery and the follow-up of the training engagement as if it was a consulting project. The team’s needs must be discussed, that is, where are they and where do they want to be, and the trainer, as a domain expert, must suggest the syllabus that will enable the team to be on the way to achieve their goals once the workshop is over.

Another issue is the human touch: there is often a disconnect between the actual and the assumed previous knowledge of the team on the training topic. This is usually discovered onsite: the trainer needs to then quickly pivot and either slow-down or speed-up with the material.

Without this holistic approach to training, the goals risk not to be met on time. And this is not something that can be bought on a 5 USD per month subscription.