Introduction to Tableau

Duration 7 hours – 1 day. Prerequisites Tableau Public (free) or Tableau Desktop (14 day trial) installed. Overview We will create insightful dashboards and visualizations in Tableau from the bottom up. This is a hands-on course on one of today’s job market increasingly important tools. Course Outline Visual analysis and perception. Tableau basics. Manipulating data: filtering, sorting, […]

Data modelling in Power BI

Duration 7 hours – 1 day. Prerequisites Power BI installed. Basic familiarity with spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Excel). Overview The course will include a mix of theory and practice, with an emphasis on best practices for financial and business reporting. Course Outline Data modeling concepts:  tables (fact tables, dimension tables), data types, relationships, filtering and […]

Improve your queries with our SQL course

SQL for intermediate users

Duration 4 hours – 2 days. Prerequisites Basic familiarity with SQL syntax (ideally PostgreSQL). Overview SQL is an essential language for everyone working with data. In this course we go beyond the basics and provide an overview of some advanced functionality, like using regular expressions for analyzing text data (pattern matching, log analysis) and optimizing […]