R Shiny Web Development

Your analysts need to deliver R Shiny dashboards across the organization. Drag-and-drop BI tools are not enough. A full-blown web application is too much.

Your project starts soon and pressure to deliver is increasing

After careful due diligence, you have decided that Shiny R is the most suitable tool for this task. After all, your analysts are already familiar with R. The only issue? There is a steep curve to fully master all the functionality you need, and since your project is highly visible within the organization, pressure to deliver value quickly is high. An enterprise R Shiny web development training that takes months is not an option.

Kicking off a project with new technology is stressful

You need to deploy the output of your R models to a web application, but there are so many important questions to answer:

  • Where should we start?
  • What are the “best practices”
  • How do we structure our code and data?
  • How can we ensure our analysis is reliable?
  • What common pitfalls are there and how can we avoid them?
  • We found some examples on the web but don’t quite understand them!
  • What should we know right now and what can we learn later?

What if your team could make some quick-wins fast?

With the right mentoring, your team can hit the ground running and bring value faster. But it is hard to get this right. You might rely on external consultants to get started, but what happens when they leave? Furthermore, you might not be able to maintain and upgrade such pilot projects, and would be eventually shelved, effectively wasting a lot of money.

The solution: a Shiny web development course delivered by experts

There are many training providers out there, and there is no shortage of low-cost, online alternatives. But while the initial cost seem low, there are long-term costs to consider. A hands-on Shiny web development course tailored to the needs of your organization is a much more effective alternative in the mid-term.

Furthermore, lecturers of online courses often lack real-world expertise. Hence, the techniques you learn in courses are not usable in production.

2/3 core curriculum, 1/3 tailored to your needs

Our Shiny web development training introduces common business use cases as motivation of the tools introduced. We start from the high-level solution of the problem to break it down in specific tasks to be accomplished. At this point we introduce the algorithms needed and how to use and fine-tune them.

Besides the core curriculum, we discuss in advance your concrete needs to include customized case studies and their solution that apply to your concrete business. This ensures that our training will be useful to your team.

How does our training look like?

Day One: On this day we cover a high-level overview of web development and the core functionality of Shiny (reactive objects) as well as building some simple applications.

Day Two: We take a deep dive into more advanced functionality, including custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript code, authentication and hosting. Some basics of containerization technologies (Docker) can be introduced on request.

Day Three: On this day we cover specific use cases of interest to your business. For instance, this could be a one-day workshop in optimizing performance of large Shiny web applications. Or best practices to handle complex code bases.

Who can participate?

To get the most out of our training, we expect that the participants have a basic background in R, although no experience in Shiny is required. If necessary, some background material from DataQuest will be provided in advance.

How do I get started?

Send us an email to info@datastart.eu or reach out through our Contact page. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Full name 
  • Email address, company name and location.
  • Goals for the workshop and background of the participants.

We are based in Prague, Czech Republic, but we can travel as needed. However, we are able to hold training on-site 1-2 per month only, so book your training now! Get the training your team deserves now!