Data Manipulation and Visualization with R


14 hours – 2 days.


  • Basic familiarity with data manipulation (for instance, spreadsheet software).


Estimating customer lifetime value is crucial for any business. In this course we provide the fundamentals to perform the analysis in your own customer base.

Course Outline

  • Basic R syntax for data manipulation.
  • Data manipulation with dplyr.
  • Visualizing data with ggplot2.
  • Report creation with flexdashboard and RMarkdown.


  • Marketing specialists, data analysts and data scientists.

Format of the course

  • This is a hands-on course, with live coding and exercises. Participants should bring their own laptops.


300 EUR/person + VAT.

Note:  The course is designed to provide a broad overview. However, we can customize the course to cover your specific needs.

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