Example exercise from our OpenCV course

Python Courses: Data Science

Machine learning, Python and OpenCV courses for all levels: from beginner to advanced.

Our Python courses are taught by industry practitioners. Therefore, our focus is on real-life case studies and not academic examples.

That said, our Python courses are adapted to the unique challenges that the delegates (the course participants) have in their job. They might have different backgrounds and interests. Planning in advance for this is key for the success of our courses.

Who can participate in our Python courses?

The delegates from our Python courses have different motivations: they might be managers trying with some technical background trying to keep up with what their teams are doing. Or they might be migrating from other software like Matlab, and want to understand the differences.

Either way, the delegates in our machine learning courses are already domain experts, and they want to apply new techniques in their field. For instance, to use deep learning algorithms for food quality. Or to use different algorithms for econometric time series clustering and classification.

We have a similar situation in our OpenCV courses: the delegates are domain experts, but not experts in this particular tool. For our computer vision courses, we ask our delegates to share with us as much information as possible at early stages, to ensure that we can offer the right training program.

Ahead of the course, we ask our delegates to share their needs and expectations with us. After that, we provide a customized syllabus that fits their needs.

Below you can find some of the courses we offer for our corporate clients:

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