Having spent most of my twenties in academia to move on later into business, I have seen my fair share of both worlds, and the disconnect between them is worrying.

We are not teaching students the skills they really need. We send them unprepared to the workplace, much to the dismay of the employer, which needs to spend valuable time and resources in training them. Why are we teaching them Lisp, when the probability of using it is close to zero? I can not believe that there are that many self-branded machine learning / artificial intelligence programs without a single course in R or Python, for instance.

I’m obviously speaking from my trench (data science), but I see that happening in other fields too. For many specializations, including humanities, a decent course in spreadsheet software is long overdue. ¬†Instead, focus is lost in highly theoretical subjects, memorizing tons of stuff that are now easily available online.

We should focus on problem solving skills. Why is it taking so long for universities to catch on?