Improve your queries with our SQL course

SQL Courses

Our SQL courses are suitable for those completely new to data analytics and for false-beginners / intermediate users. We offer customized solutions for some databases, for example, we can offer a Teradata course. Other databases we use include SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. For our courses we use a sandbox environment (either provided by the client or we bring our own, if possible) and we also use some online resources like SQLZoo.

Ahead of the course, we reach out to the delegates or the course organizer. After studying their needs, we propose a customized version of our course. This helps our training become successful. This approach works: a recent Teradata course we offered to delegates working for a Fortune 100 rated our course at 5/6 on average.

These are the topics that our SQL courses cover:

Not what you are looking for? Get in touch and let us talk about your training needs! We are happy to jump out of our comfort zone to help your company succeed!